11 Questions To Ask Before Creating A Digital Strategy for Transformation  

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Instead of a gradual road to digital transformation, the last decade’s acceleration towards a complete technological overhaul has prompted companies to dive into strategies that are disconnected from their goals. An integrated digital strategy comes with a clear scope and effective process to handle this initiative.

Every business wants to lead digitally, but becoming a digital-driven business is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it demands a deep understanding of why digital is best for your company and build the strategy from there. To prepare adequately in creating strategies, there are vital questions to answer – in our case; there are ten essential questions to answer to empower you to craft a robust digital strategy.

1. What is ‘digital’ and what does it mean to you and your company?

With an array of different meanings, it would be in the best interest of the project to define what is meant by digital transformation among all stakeholders and parties involved a clear emphasis on the desired outcomes. Ensure your scope is in line with this definition before you begin the journey.

2. Why are you engaging in digital transformation? 

Assess the needs within the company and why you need to digitise. Are you digitising to stay relevant, or does it provide profitable projections for making the shift? Digital transformation cannot be undertaken in a vacuum and must be pertinent to your business, with real business goals (and the support needed) behind it.

3. Why do you want to do this now?

What has prompted the shift to digital change and is the company ready to embark on the necessary tasks to transition?

4. What is the overarching business goal?

While most companies start their projects by saying that the world is digital and they need to adapt, this alone cannot be the driving force of such a fundamental change in the organisation. If you adequately define your high-level strategy, you can also define how this technology and business process changes can support it.

5. Do you have the infrastructure and team capable of supporting the strategy?

Assuming your business objectives are clearly defined, you would need to project a roadmap starting anything from six months-to-five years that deals with IT strategies and infrastructure to support your shift to the cloud and other initiatives to digitise. While identifying your infrastructure capability, it would be noteworthy to identify the team who would run the project and align milestones within this roadmap.

6. What are your competitors doing? 

Having a better understanding of the competitive landscape within your industry will empower you to assess your position in the market. This will determine how drastic your timelines need to be as well as which areas will need to be rolled out first on the roadmap.

7. Do you have the support of your executive and/or peers? 

Digital transformation is challenging, and without the support of leadership in the company and the different divisions, it could fall wayside. Digital transformation needs to be an company-wide initiative. 

8. Which parts of your business need the most help with a transformation?

Identifying the areas that require more attention digitally than others will help determine a more strategic start to your strategy. Big impact decisions can lead to wins earlier in the process. If resources are allocated to an area where the change is not dire, it will result in a lower tolerance for experimentation and failure. 

9. How much software customisation can your organisation handle?

It is crucial to understand the full spectrum of your digital needs and to engage with a service provider that offers you the ability to customise to them. Your software strategy and IT infrastructure will play a vital role in your understanding of this need and help you move forward with the correct service provider.

10. How open are you and the organisation for change?

Business processes are ingrained in the DNA of your operations and to change them requires a consensus. The project team running the digitisation program might be more willing to make this shift, but if the business resists change, this will make the process a mammoth to tackle. Ensure you have a realistic expectation on how to address potential business change challenges. 

11. Has your company understood the cost of digital transformation? 

Once you’ve evaluated how open your company is for change and customisation, and an even more important consideration is the cost of implementing new strategies. Most companies understand the relevance and impact of a digital transformation strategy, but the cost of change is mostly too risky for companies to commit to this process. Understand the cost impact this change will have and if your company can carry this cost comfortably.

How to start your digital journey with Smartz Solutions

Embarking on a digital transformation journey requires a good understanding of these 11 questions, but the most important factor – which determines your success in the endeavour – is the partner you choose. Smartz Solutions offers you a professional, personalised experience to meet all your digital goals – while keeping your costs to a minimum. 

We offer you a full spectrum of communication integrations to set up your digital journey through a cloud-based, single-sign-on platform as well as specialized expertise from our in-house development department. 

Our innovative and cutting-edge products enhance your competitiveness in an increasingly demanding and dynamic business environment through;

  1. A Full Omnichannel experience 
    1. Whatsapp Business Integration 
    2. Facebook Messenger Integration
    3. Telegram Integration
    4. Twitter integration 
    5. Two-way SMS
    6. Voice 
    7. Email 
    8. I-templates and more
  2. Reporting and analytics 
  3. Sentiment engine and bots 
  4. Gamification 

Our success –  based on technological foresight and strong business knowledge  – empowers us to develop integrated solutions that genuinely meet your business needs.

With our combined skills, we can develop a wide range of technology solutions in-house that offer you high quality and a strong integrated digital strategy. 

Start your digital journey today: 

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