Azuka was born out of 25 years’ worth of passion and experience in both the Business (Retail, Financial, Telecoms) and Contact Centre world. Azuka specialises in evolving Data Analytics and Omni Channel Communications.

Based on a wealth of knowledge covering multiple industries, we have identified a suite of products that cover a number of areas where businesses are “feeling pain”. From a customer engagement perspective, Human Asset Management, e-Learning, Quality Assurance and Business Analytics, Azuka has a solution to assist you.

Our products include; Smartz Chat, Smartz Human Asset Management, Smartz Contact Suite and Sisense.

“We are not offering products, we are offering solutions. Through Smartz Product Suite we will be able to sit with you and build – keeping you at the forefront of your industry!” – James Guthrie, Managing Director Azuka



Within the last 8 years Data analytics has become the main tool for Business. Without quick access to information, businesses have difficulties making proper decisions, which in a depressed economic climate has become even more critical. Within our group of companies, data analytics has become more critical part of our business and the business of our clients.

Azuka has got exclusive access to a Global Leading product, Sisense, voted by Gartner as one of the fastest growing products in the BI space in 2017. Azuka consists of a group of Business Analysis’s and Data Scientists that are passionate about data and have core competencies in Retail, Banking, Telecoms and financial markets.

Analytics for Complex Data

Learn how Sisense enables you to easily transform complex data into real business insights in just minutes with fast data preparation, advanced analytics and intuitive design.  See how simple it can be:

Prepare big and disparate datasets for analysis
Join tables from multiple data sources
Build dashboards with rich visualizations
Automate manual reporting tasks
Share interactive dashboards


Smartz Chat

Smartz Chat facilitates bulk communications at reduced costs and empowers users to have a consolidated view of outstanding communications whilst ensuring that messages are not lost. It’s a solution that allows for two way communications as an alternative to traditional methods. Ultimately, the objective is to engage with clients in their preferred method of communications. Smartz Chat is embracing the meteoric rise in social media as a communications tool in an ever changing society.


Smartz Contact Suite

Smartz Contact Suite is a complete, Cloud based, contact centre application providing complete Inbound and Outbound functionality, along with ease-of-use and the ability for staff to administer all aspects of the Contact Centre and PABX system from a single front-end application. The design of the system is aimed at reducing the technical staff required to run your Contact Centre whilst increasing the efficiency and productivity of your Agents, by allowing Managers to focus on the core business.


Smartz Human Asset Management

Smartz Human Asset Management is a comprehensive web-based application leveraging the entire management of Human Resources in a company. This System empowers your business with all the required tools to proactively control the business HR processes. The powerful workflow system coupled with interactive charts dashboards and regular reports delivered to the mailbox ensures that you never lose track of a process and keeps all stakeholders informed of the progress at all times.

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