The rise of bots in the age of customer experience

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In a world saturated with mostly undifferentiated goods and services, the greatest opportunity for value creation resides in staging experiences. For two decades businesses fully immersed themselves in the Experience Economy which was coined in 1998 by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. While this age saw the rise of giants such as Amazon and Netflix, 2019 introduces a turning tide with, The age of the individual. The age of the individual relies on mass personalisation, which has created an overwhelming need for bots in business.


The age of the individual requires companies to not only make communication their primary focus but to make personalised, real-time communication crucial in their customer experience strategy. Bots – a program powered by AI and based on machine learning – empowers companies to engage with their customers in real-time, delivering exemplary customer experiences. With the help of a chat interface, bots stimulate a real-time interaction with users.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, bots comprehend language as well as command due to their growing intelligence in conversations. This form of technology makes them invaluable in an age that demands real-time communication, service and personalised attention on a global scale.

Approaching global markets

Globalisation has solidified our connection to international markets, and for years, we have enjoyed the growing relationships we have with brands, businesses and professionals in different locations. Bots will inevitably bolster this connection through its 24 hours, seven days a week, all year round availability and its lack of language barriers. Companies can now expand their operations to newer markets with the limitations of training, costs and relocation.

Staying on trend

Customer preference data continues to prove that messaging apps are the preferred communication for digital users because it is easier and faster than traditional telephony. Companies now have the opportunity to reach a broader audience with chatbots, while staying on trend with communication in their industry. 65% of smartphone users do not download new messaging applications if they already use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Telegram – the growing competition to WhatsApp – is one of the few messaging platforms that continues to rise in this regard, making it an outlier to the download statistic and the messaging app to watch in 2019.

Knowing 65% of all messaging app users are loyal to these specific platforms means integrating your chatbot into one of these popular platforms that your customers use on a daily basis, may be better than creating a new application by saving money and time.

Provides effective data & insights

As the chatbot learns and gathers information from the comments it collects through its questions; businesses can adjust their services and products to optimise your digital strategy. Chatbots can observe online traffic on websites as well as chat platforms which will indicate which content performs better than others as well as tracking buying patterns and consumer behaviour by continuously monitoring data.

Saves costs

Implementing a fully-functioning chatbot is cost-effective and faster than creating a cross-platform application or hiring employees for each task.  Since chatbots are automated solutions, they allow organisations to handle numerous clients simultaneously. Customers can access chatbots in seconds and begin interactions immediately.

Lead generation

The buyer’s journey in a digital world requires a scalable personal touch. Personalised messaging generated through data received by the chatbots enable you to connect with your consumer in a real-time manner with appropriate questions. In addition to generating leads and notifying sales teams, a chatbot can also help you determine unqualified potential customers through identified KPIs (budget, relevance, timeline, resources, etc.) and prevent you from dealing with them.

The technological world demands effective consumer engagement strategies as part of the growing digital transformation taking place globally. Chatbots are the first port of engagement for customer assistance. The evolution of chatbots in the coming years will impact business operations in numerous ways, influencing the future of our communication and digital strategies.



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