The Hybrid Strategy: The relationship between the cloud and on-premise solutions

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With the definite shift from on-premise solutions to the cloud, companies are in a software-frenzy to find solutions that are reliable, secure and powerful. In the pursuit to locate solutions that can revolutionise business in the digital race, enterprises are often confronted with effective cloud-based solutions lacking local support. Currently, a majority of cloud-based technologies available in the African markets promote products with an internationally recognised brand but with no local data centre to offer a client 360-degree support.

Local data centres are an essential component of an effective software company in the African Markets. Not only do companies with locally-based data centres provide the market with competitive pricing, but they also provide secure storage, local access for software support and bolster the local economy. Data centres are seen as a critical business parameter because of the significant influence they have on the functioning of a businesses’ enterprise.

“By using local data centres we can easily connect to local providers. Using local support and skills allows us to understand our market and requirements.” – James Guthrie, MD, Azuka

When choosing a service provider, partnering with companies who have embraced a hybrid strategy of both the cloud and on-premise solutions have become a crucial business choice. Hybrid approaches are able to secure your business-critical applications within your purview while storing your data and primary day-to-day applications in the cloud. Tech giants such as Google and Facebook have harnessed a hybrid strategy for years, with both companies announcing further plans to expand their data centres in the state of Iowa, in the United States, with a total investment of over $700 million.

Azuka built its own data centres because of the inhibiting costs of using current providers in South Africa and thereby being able to provide a stable and cost-effective solution to our clients. – James Guthrie, MD, Azuka

A hybrid environment offers clients the best of both worlds. With over 509,147 data centres worldwide and 285.8 million square feet of space, there is no indication that data centres aren’t vital for software and technology service providers. Companies who invest in hybrid strategies in the African markets are able to contribute to clients with a turnkey solution.

As a company that focuses on providing solutions and not just products, Azuka is proud to have two fully-fledged data centres in Randburg and Durban, South Africa. Our local data centres are cloud-supported and play an integral part in our cloud-based applications and solutions. Azuka is proudly South African, with all our data centres supporting our own infrastructure, our own data cloud, licenses, hardware and software.

For more information about our Smartz Solutions range which harnesses the full power of the cloud and our data centres – contact us for a complimentary POC.


The transition from on-premise solutions to the cloud has evolved from a business want to a business need.  Azuka understands this need – find out more here


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