Why is CX your secret weapon in the Age of Instant

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CX – how to win the digital customer war.

Yes, we find ourselves amid a digital revolution, a digital age and an age of technology but what we mostly forget is how deeply we are entrenched in the Age of Instant. CX (customer experience) is every business’s weapon in the constant onslaught of newer technologies, endless new apps and increased demands on customer-business interaction. So why is CX this important?

Global brands have given companies across the world a glimpse at what standard (and expected) customer experiences are. Steve Jobs, famously stated that companies should find out what their customers want and let the technology follow. Apple subsequently took the world by storm with the experience they gave their customers and how they strategically mapped their brand around their customers.

Salesforce reported that 75% of people expect a consistent experience with any brand they interact with, whether it be through mobile, social media or in person. Immediacy therefore runs parallel to CX, as 64% of these consumers also expect companies to interact with them, with no delay.


As your company evolves it is important to always incorporate a user experience – which is why quality assessment and UAT is vital business process to have – giving your product/service a competitive edge. Business consultancy, Walker, suggested that digital innovation has profoundly impacted the interactions and expectations from customers. They went as far as to state that by 2020, customers will expect businesses to have perfected the art of automatic personal experiences as well as proactively addressing their needs. This expectation will no longer allow predictions from company’s but rather active measures put in place companies.

Generations Z are said to have the highest expectations of all by demanding companies to deliver  instantaneous, personalized, secure, entertaining and tech-savvy experiences. Although Generation Y, have similar demands, businesses will see Gen Z abandoning brands when they feel these expectations are not met.

The Benefits of CX

CX has become so important that by 2020, customer experience is likely to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. To fully harness brand loyalty it is important to know how your product or service can give a consumer an enjoyable experience. Amazon has perfected this customer experience with the delivery and convenience they attach to their products. Consumers across the world use Amazon because of this reliable service that comes with the products they provide, regardless of the additional costs.

60 seconds on the internet CX

Tempkin Group found that 86% of customers who experienced great CX were likely to repurchase from the same company, but only 13% of consumers will buy from a company again after receiving poor CX. The correlations between CX and trust is important to note, if consumers trust your company to give them a desired experience, they are likely to be more forgiving for any mishaps that occur.

Using CX for your brand

Did you know that 68% of consumers use social media to read product reviews, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and that 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews before making purchases?

Every customer is important, every interaction is important and every customer’s view of your business is important because every interaction you have solidifies your brands identity. Therefore your CX is a direct representation of your brand.

No matter what industry you are in, every business must make 2018 the year of customer experience because the future of AI, personalisation and tech-driven CX is coming to play in leading companies, and in order to stay in the competitive ring, readjust the way you interact with your consumers for the future.


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