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We’ve been quiet but for good reason – we’ve had our heads stuck between monitors, keyboards and the usual chaos involved with major releases – especially since we wanted to empower our clients to enter the new decade with Smartz Communication Ver 3.0 and Smartz Human Asset Management Ver 2.3.

After the initial release to our clients in November – who rolled out the versions in their environments – we’ve had fantastic feedback and continue to roll out these versions going into the new year. 

Message from James Guthrie (Founder)

As we approach the holiday season it is a reflective period, where we review 2019, in both our personal lives and our business lives;

Firstly we are thankful to all our clients for their on-going support, without them we would not be in a position to enhance and grow our company, products and offer the services that we do. In this economy, we are blessed to have had a great year of growth. 

Secondly, thanks to the Azuka team for the long hours, tears (literally) and sweat over the last year, as well as all the innovative solutions, product enhancements and all-round growth.

During 2019 we’ve hosted exclusive Gin Events, joined Sisense at a Sales Bootcamp in Tel Aviv, held workshops and grown our business with our partners in the UK, attended industry-leading conferences and had the honour of becoming a TT100 Business Innovation Awards finalists. Becoming a finalist in this category recognized our contribution to transforming the industry, and demonstrates our continued passion in everything we do!

Azuka continues on the journey of providing a best-in-class, world-class customer engagement platform with its associated applications making it easy for organizations and companies to deliver the support their customers deserve, through the channel of their choice, on a platform that gives visibility and insight of every bit of the customer’s engagement with their brand. – Henry McCracken, CEO of Azuka

Smartz Communication 

Why You Should Care About WhatsApp For Business?

WhatsApp is a central point of communication for the majority of your clients, making it one of the biggest social media platforms in South Africa. According to the 2019 Hootsuite Digital report, WhatsApp has a higher user rate than Facebook. From now until the end of 2019, your business can start its “Whatsapp for Business” journey with a FREE Whatsapp Number, FREE activation. Read more about this limited offer by clicking here.


Get to know the in’s and out’s of WhatsApp for Business in our Ultimate Guide?

The fundamental goal of a communication strategy is to enhance customer loyalty and bolster a customer experience journey. WhatsApp for Business offers accessibility to a customer in the communication method they prefer with a verifiable business profile, complete with company address, email and a website link. Understand your communication solution here


Embrace the digital age by staying at the forefront of your industry with full WhatsApp for Business integration, enhanced gamification, empathy-based Proprietary AID (automated Intelligent Distribution), bots and intelligent Sentiment analysis. Read more about the latest features in Smartz Communication ver 2019Q3.0 here


Smartz Human Asset Management


How to Reduce Costs and Enhance Productivity in Your Business: A Case Study

How do you stay relevant in this decade or the next? The answer – creating seamless customer experiences. The root of these experiences lies in the quality your company can offer its clients, but when your costs are high, and your team is unable to perform at an optimal level, your clients suffer, costing your brand its credibility. The solution is to cut costs, enhance productivity within your teams and offer valuable experiences to your clients. But how do you reduce costs and enhance productivity within your organization? Find out how Consumer Friend did this here.

cloud QA


Smartz Human Asset Management offers you the opportunity to bolster your customer experience through internal and external surveying, a time-saving recruitment module, time and attendance tracking, accurate reporting and expertly enhanced customer service with an interactive self-portal. Read more about the latest features here

Insights From the Experts

Explore the industry with insights from Henry McCracken, CEO of Azuka. Get to know the trends for 2020, the predictions for the next decade and the trends with the most staying power in the industry. Prepare for 2020 with Henry here.


Smartz Business Intelligence: Business Analytics in the Cloud SaaS


The Solution To Understanding Your Business Data: Sisense Analytics As A Service 

As a long-standing reseller and the first African implementation partner, Azuka is proud to further our BI & Analytics relationship with Sisense by becoming an Analytics Service Provider (ASP). True Business Analytics SaaS (Software as a Service). Let Azuka show you the value of having powerful analytics in your business without breaking the bank and let us have the headache of managing and maintaining it. Explore the benefits and offer here:


Predicating 2020 with Gartner

Gartner Top Strategic Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Technologies from AI to cryptocurrency and online shopping are changing how we live and what it means to be human. CIOs and IT leaders must help their organizations adapt to this changing world. Read more about the top strategic predictions for 2020 here


We wish you a happy holiday and look forward to another fantastic year in 2020!

The Azuka Team

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