How to win Customer Loyalty with Omnichannel in 2020

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The digital revolution continues to grow at unprecedented rates, creating new innovative touchpoints with customers daily. Through these touchpoints, customers have taken control of the types of communication they have with your brand. 

But with so many touchpoints and opportunities for meaningful social interactions, how do you manage your brand reputation while fostering customer loyalty? The simple answer: An omnichannel experience.

The omnichannel experience – which offers customers the option to shop both digitally and in-store in a seamless, interchangeable manner – accounts for almost 95% more revenue than just online sales and 208% more than in-store stores according to RewardStream*. 

Omnichannel is a clear winner in the realm of sales, marketing and overall business growth, but with the saturation of omnichannel strategies emerging, how do you cut through the noise and win customer loyalty? 

How to win customer loyalty? 

Customer loyalty demands; 

  1. Personalisation 
  2. Seamless, interchangeable usage


Approx. 54% of consumers will share their data if a company can offer them a better digital experience, and 48% of shoppers believe that brands must make accurate recommendations to them. 

Brands have been adopting omnichannel strategies to personalise the experience customers have with them. Since giants like Google and Netflix, customers have experienced personalised services – seamless, dedicated and unique to their situation – something they have focused on in every facet of their businesses, both extrinsically and intrinsically. 

While streaming services and search engines use algorithms to predict your needs, SME’s can utilise the strategy through personalised communication streams – WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, two-way SMS and voice – through understanding each user and their unique situation. 

Companies who proactively assess and understand a buyer’s online shopping cart, can better predict the type of offers that would suit their needs and wants. The offers that are sent to the customer will then represent a personalised experience with the company. This type of personalisation is not only a clever upselling technique which positively impacts the customer – who is likely to spend more, based on items that suit their searches and personal style – as well as adding to the brand experience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and a returning buyer. 

Seamless, interchangeable usage

As it becomes easier to engage in digital shopping experiences and/or connect with brands, customers have started expecting businesses to know them. While personalisation plays a critical role in crafting experiences that relate directly to the customer, creating a seamless, interchangeable journey is key to harnessing omnichannel for customer loyalty. 

The seamless, interchangeable digital shift of users refers to a customer who messaged a brand a few months before about a statement on their account on a Facebook Message, for example, and recently messaged the brand again but this time on their WhatsApp Business Number. 

An authentic omnichannel experience allows customers to communicate in the method they prefer while providing information to them in a seamless manner. The brand will recall the user’s information and last communications with them and respond accordingly. 

Brands who achieve this seamless transition from different channels are ultimately offering a portal to customer loyalty. Customers who know and see that they can trust your brand to know them, value their information and can pull up their data to aid them in their queries will maintain connections with your brand. 

Win with Smartz Solutions and Omnichannel in 2020 

To offer customers, an in-depth cross-channel content strategy improves their users’ experiences, nurturing brand loyalty, harnessing customer retention and ultimately increasing your ROI. With Smartz Solutions, you are empowered to personalise your customer’s experience, through a seamless, interchangeable communication platform. 

As people change their behaviours, instead of focusing on a desktop experience, tablet experience, mobile experience or an Apple Watch experience, you need to pursue a holistic approach to communication with your customers. 

Offer your customers real-time responses on the channel they prefer with an omnichannel experience that supports you in connecting your brand to people. 

Through a feature-rich communication platform, Smartz Communication offers you intelligent campaigns, integrated with AI technologies to better engage with customers in their preferred contact channel. As the relationship with your customers evolves, the quality of service is more important than ever. 

To maintain your quality, Smartz Communication’s sentiment engine secures, maintains and improves your service with existing and new customers – learning and understanding phrasing, keywords and impressions to empower your customer’s experience. 

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