Predictions and Trends for the Human Asset Management Industry in 2020: Insights from CEO, Henry McCracken

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Sit down with Henry McCracken, – whose wealth of knowledge stems from over 35 years of experience in the contact centre, PABX and the human asset management industry, shifting from the technical side to sales to all-round management of perfecting a customer experience strategy. 

Looking over 2019, what is the most significant change made within the industry? 

The shift to the cloud has made considerable changes to the C-Level structures within organizations. Looking at the constraints on capital expenditure versus operational expenditure or pay as you go models are making the move to cloud effective and compelling. 

How has the perception of the industry changed over the last ten years? 

The fact that mobility and messaging, in particular, keeps growing in popularity has given rise to the demands of consumers to communicate on the channel or method of communication they prefer. This shift has created an important focus in the contact centre market which focuses on, yielding omni-channel, cross channel connectivity, AI, Bots and interactive self-service.

What is a trend that you believe has the most staying power? 

Channel of customer choice has the most staying power. As we continue to see various messaging channels catering for business, we see the new and innovative ways customers are engaging with us. These new ways will help improve customer service across all channels and allow customers to communicate on their channel of choice. 

What does the industry need when it comes to looking at human asset management and all related fields?

The industry needs on-line in the cloud application that encompasses a self-service employee application. This will give the employee access to all HR tools and in turn, give the company a singular view of each employee’s well-being within the organization “A cradle to grave” application covering all aspects of HR.

What will be the biggest demand for companies in 2020?

Employee empowerment, self-assessment, consolidation of business processes and job satisfaction measures.

How will the next decade shape the way companies engage with employees? 

Home offices will become a reality for most companies with access through cloud applications for day-to-day business practices.

What problems do companies face in the human resource/asset management industry? 

Effectively managing employees and their well-being within a company, the use of legacy systems, manual capturing, tracking, reporting and outdated hardware to support legacy applications.  

How does Smartz Human Asset Management address the issues within the industry? 

Smartz Human Asset Management is an all-in-one application designed specifically for HR and is cloud-based making it ideal for ease-of-deployment, upgrades and consolidated functionality.


Smartz Human Asset Management: monitoring the heartbeat of your company. How does Smartz Human Asset Management do this? 

The “heartbeat of your business” consists of knowing and managing your HR areas, such as leave management, Quality assurance, e-learning, surveys, recruitment, KPI measures, time and attendance and asset management. To effectively monitor these aspects it needs to be in one place, with a singular view. This is how Smartz Human Asset Management is able to monitor your business heartbeat.  

What role do you believe Smartz Human Asset Management plays in the industry in the upcoming decade?

It demonstrates the full power of a single application with a holistic view of every employee within a company providing every detail pertaining to the employee. By offering the industry a method to view the heartbeat of their company they will experience complete control of their business.  

How you can monitor the heartbeat of your business in 2020 with Smartz Human Asset Management?

Smartz Human Asset Management is a cloud-based solution that has been built with the definition of Human Asset Management and consolidation of platforms in mind. All modules in the platform are designed for ease-of-use so anybody can manage/design/ configure the system with minimal/no support assistance.

Smartz Human Asset Management leverages the entire management of your human assets enabling you to use one integrated system, which is an effective (cost and otherwise) and consolidated solution for all employee and employer interactions. You will finally be able to correlate trends and understand your company.

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