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Embrace the digital age by staying at the forefront of your industry with full WhatsApp for Business integration, enhanced gamification, empathy-based Proprietary AID (automated Intelligent Distribution), bots and intelligent Sentiment analysis.

Smartz Communication Version VER 2019Q3.0 includes the following new and upgraded features; 

  1. Embrace the power of the world’s largest Social Media platform through a unified User, multi-channel platform with Official WhatsApp for Business integration.
  2. Complete new user interface, including enhanced Gamification, Additional User self-measurement Dashboards, Live View of Historical Customer Interactions for proactive engagement, and much more.
  3. Take old school Skill Routing to a whole new empathy-based level with Proprietary AID (Automated Intelligent Distribution). 
  4. Empower your Users to proactively improve your Customers Experience whilst it’s happening and not by post-interaction QA with Real-time sentiment monitoring.
  5. If you are tired of hanging around for your outsourced service providers to create engaging, interactive message then upgrade to i-Templates. With i-Templates you can use a Drag & Drop builder to add graphics, multiple page links and much more, all from the main Interface. Take the initiative; design, build and get your marketing message out fast.
  6. Self-Service is the way global customers want to speak to you. Can they do it quickly themselves? Can they get 24/7/365 information on what they want to know when they want to know it? The power of AI and integration into all communication channels allows this, giving your customer the best experience of your Brand. Bots empower you to do this. Upgrade to our latest version of Bots. 
  7. Smartz Analytics – A new and comprehensive reporting and analytics platform to cater to the customer life journey

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