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The primary focus and critical differentiator in business during this technological era is customer experience strategies. The core of these strategies lies within the quality companies can provide and the process they use to perfect these experiences. Quality Assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in ensuring products/services meet certain thresholds, but most times the process is recorded in a time-consuming, inaccurate manner making reporting a tedious task which impacts daily operations.

Before engaging with Azuka, we used spreadsheets and had to ensure that the formulas were not disturbed. We had to spend a lot of time putting reports together because every week we used a report that we would have to put together then we would have to create a new report every month. Now we just do the audits, and every report is readily available at the click of a button – Zandile Ndadane, QA auditor at Consumer Friend

Excel has been the standard tool for companies needing to manage and record data, but with the influx of data that needs analysing, the need for a consolidated platform for all QA has become a need in maintaining efficient operations in your business. Azuka identified this need and saw the gap in the market for an application that offered an integrated solution of this kind.

Introducing Smartz Human Asset Management (HAM), the comprehensive web-based application which encompasses the entire management of Human Assets in your company. This solution empowers your business with all the required tools to proactively control your Human Asset processes. Smartz HAM’s QA module verifies a level of quality in your products/ services allowing you to build a positive reputation for reliability and consistency. This bolsters consumer trust and confidence in the business and helps you compete with other companies in the same market.

Before using Smartz Ham we worked with Excel and its formulas which skewed our evaluation scores. We are now able to evaluate a customer’s interaction and have all parties including the QA analyst, agent, supervisor and manager assessing it. It’s empowered us to build and manage evaluation forms according to our business quality standards. The key for us is the immediate reporting we can produce. These reports assist us in identifying training needs to better equip staff in dealing with our customers – Nathaneul Govinder, QA Manager at VVM

Smartz HAM is designed to empower companies to set up their own QA assessments, quickly and efficiently without having to contract to an outside party. Whether you want to monitor phone calls made to/taken from clients, written communication that gets sent out, the quality in your warehouse, and the quality in your store –  it is all up to you as the manager. An effective QA process will improve your organisation’s efficiency and profitability. To ensure your company can do this, Azuka offers you insights through a 360-degree view of your employees. Through the tracking, managing and auditing of this data, you will have reports that impact your overall HR processes.

Personally, my favourite part of the Smartz HAM’s QA module is that it holds a level of accountability to the employee which helps to improve their performance and growth overall. It also helps the HR manager when it comes to conducting their annual performance appraisals as you can see actual trends that are happening to the employee – Sherinda Chakwawa, Business Development Smartz Human Asset Management at Azuka.

Smartz HAM’s QA platform has both administrative and procedural activities which allow requirements and goals for a product, service or activity to be seamlessly fulfilled. The solution targets vulnerabilities of the workforce specifically to your company’s desired growth. It gives managers the ability to identify top performers and ensures KPI’s are met.

With the implementation of Smartz HAM you will be able to;

  • Track and compare staff’s QA scores to determine and direct training interventions, with the reports available.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Track productivity of QA assessors
  • Allow agents to listen and assess themselves against what the QA assessor has and gain an understanding where they are falling short
  • Reduce the duplication of work

We can pull reports according to any time frame we choose. The number of audits conducted for each employee and their performance is available immediately. The QA department’s performance is also available, and we can get those details at the tip of our fingers to measure the team. The reports are very effective, and we are grateful that when we ask for reporting structures as per our organisation’s requirements, the Azuka Team can make a provision and they don’t stop until they get it right. – Zandile Ndadane, QA auditor at Consumer Friend

With this integrated cloud-based platform, you’ll always be in the loop with your greatest company asset – “your employees”. Smartz Human Asset Management leverages the entire management of your human assets enabling you to use one integrated system, which is an effective (cost and otherwise) and consolidated solution for all employee and employer interactions. You will finally be able to correlate trends and understand your company.

For more information on how you can make the shift to Smartz HAM today contact or +27(0) 61 254 6847


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