For years, businesses in South Africa and globally have emphasised the need to bridge the gap which exists between their customers and their services. With the advent of social media applications, which created a new sphere of interaction for customers to connect with companies, this gap has been ever increasing.

However, as important as this new realm of communication is, companies have been unable to harness this power to create more effective and beneficial relationships between themselves and their customers.

With the increasing need in the industry for this connection, Azuka developed Smartz Chat, which not only improves current interactions for customers, it makes future communications more attractive. The features of Smartz Chat targets areas which are currently causing businesses unnecessary stress and hindering their customer’s experience.

Communications are managed centrally, supported by a suite of reports, dashboard and individual work queues. The software facilitates bulk communications at reduced costs and empowers users to have a consolidated view of outstanding communications, whilst ensuring that messages are not lost. Smartz Chat is a solution that allows for two way communications as an alternative to traditional methods.

Ultimately, the objective is to engage with clients in their preferred method of communications. Smartz Chat is embracing the meteoric rise in social media as a communications tool in an ever changing society.



A productivity-boosting tool, that allows for interactive two-way dialogues over social media as well as text messaging


Easily customizable to client requirements


Access control and user hierarchies are available


Open API architecture


Capable of managing bulk volumes of messaging, both inbound and outbound threads


Easy to use front ends within the cloud accessible via any Web-based device, such as PC, Tablets and Smart Phones


Rapid deployment, not requiring long development timelines or hosting infrastructure


Integrates into Facebook, Twitter, Webchat , SMS / Text Messages and Email, new social media interfaces are continuously being developed


Latest socket driven technologies , development continues applying best industry practices and standards


  • Full reporting suite allowing for user customization
  • Dashboards depict key statistics
  • Easy to use with minimal user training
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Enterprise design which allows for portioning within multiple geographic locations
  • Billing modules allowing for cost management and departmental cost allocations,incorporating automated billings
  • Allows the client to minimize call center voice traffic by engaging with customers on theirpreferred medium (SMS, Facebook, WebChat) reducing the need for costly resources
  • No upfront capital expenditure, flexible billing plans
  • Fostering an environment where the impact of ‘big data’ campaigns can be monitored and evaluated in terms of responses and interest from recipients in real time
  • Providing users with the ability to categorize and organize responses by way of customizable wrap ups and dashboards


  • Allows for easy and convenient enterprise wide communications
  • Ideal for organisations with employees in the field
  • Suitable as a public relations management tool and can be positioned to assist with climate surveys and other services requiring quick and hassle free communications with employees and staff
  • Works well in an emergency response environment
  • Can be utilised across all sectors – Banking, Telecoms, Retail to only mention a few
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Credit Management
  • Customer Service
  • Debt Collection


  • Campaign/Queue Management
  • Allocated Agents/Templates/Wrap Codes and Breaks to Campaigns/Queues
  • Open Closing Times
  • Real-time Dashboards on all active social media platforms
  • Phonebook – To send SMS communications
  • Supervisor Console to monitor Agents statuses and productivity
  • Time Machine – To track current and Historic events and to do real-time monitoring of all communications

Smartz Chat


  • Define standard opening and closing message per queue
  • Create your own identity for Chats with logo/Font and colour scheme


  • Create Outbound campaigns Pacing
  • Automated Responding
  • Automated Queue routing based on response


  • Configure Primary Accounts
  • Configure Links Pages – Assign pages to specific agents

Application Settings

  • Define users and permissions
  • Define Breaks
  • Define Wrap-ups
  • Define Templates


  • Tag multiple hashtags to monitor


  • Complete set of summary and detailed reports
  • Save reports for future reference


  • Feedback Function


  • Azuka
  • Azuka Telecoms 332 Kent Avenue, Randburg Johannesburg, South Africa
  • +27 (0) 87 740 1191
  • Email:

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