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Data, analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have permeated through all parts of the digital landscape. And in 2020, your primary focus lies not with how much data you can collect, but rather how much insight you can gain through this data. 

Most companies in 2020 have amassed an incredible amount of data. Within their daily business operations, they need to make fact-based, accurate, real-time decisions based on this. But with incredible volumes of data and no actionable insights, businesses aren’t capable of identifying significant trends and are left playing catch up with their competitors. 

How Smartz Solutions and Sisense Simplifies Your Complex Data

With an advanced BI Department, Smartz Solutions empowers you to increase your customer engagement and optimise operations through the combined power of Sisense and Smartz Solutions. 

As a certified Sisense Reseller and Implementation Partner, as well as South Africa’s longest-standing Sisense Partner, our team of data architects and technical consultants empower you to maximise the true value of analytics at your fingertips.  

With specialised implementation experience with global companies such as Flight Centre Travel Group SA and Furnmart, we offer you professional, personalised advice to automate your data as seamlessly as possible. 

How To Monetise Your Data With Real-time Insights  

To optimise your data strategy, your dashboards should reflect real-time monitoring, and actionable insights prompting quick, effective decision making. By working backwards – with the end in mind – from business goals and requirements, collaborating with leadership, department heads, IT, and analytics stakeholders we bring both data science and business strategy to the table. 

We deploy once and optimise, which results in monetising your data. We do this through; 

  • Data Strategy & Requirements
    • User and business alignment workshops
    • Storytelling through data
    • Mining insights
    • Dashboard Planning
    • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture and UI Design
    • Data Modelling and ETL
    • ElastiCube Design
    • Dashboard Development and Visualisations
  • Launch and Maintenance / Rollout and Support
    • Develop complete dashboard solutions
    • Customisation of JavaScript visualisation plugins

What You Can Measure, You Can Manage

Smartz BI empowers you to visualise critical trends through a complete hosted analytics solution. We do this through real-time dashboards, connecting multiple disparate data sources (with volumes up to billions of records) while reducing the cost per user – as compared to other BI solutions. 

Further, we remove the work associated with gathering, hosting, storing, preparing, transforming and visualising the data, to allow you to read the insights that your data provides.

Find Out How To Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy Here

If it sounds like we can help, do not hesitate to contact our team or let us contact you. We can assess your needs within days – offering transparent, no-nonsense advice, pricing and strategies. In no time at all, you’ll be reaping the benefits of Smartz BI powered by Sisense at full power.

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