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WhatsApp is a central point of communication for the majority of your clients, making it one of the biggest social media platforms in South Africa. According to the 2019 Hootsuite Digital report, WhatsApp has a higher user rate than Facebook.

It comes as no surprise then that your competitors are most likely implementing WhatsApp for Business, so why aren’t you?

What will happen to your business, and where will your customers go if you are not listening to them?

In Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, 67 per cent of mobile messaging app users are expecting an increase in the use of chat to communicate with businesses in the next two years. With 53 per cent of respondents, in the same survey, are more likely to buy from a business they can message directly.

From now until the end of 2019, your business can start its “Whatsapp for Business” journey with a FREE Whatsapp Number, FREE activation.


Whatsapp for Business Benefits

  • Communicate with your clients in their preferred contact methods
  • Using a messaging app to have real-time conversations with your customers
  • Building trust through your Business profile
  • Whatsapp is seen as a personal channel for communications, making your customer interactions more seamless
  • Easily respond to customers with auto-replies and predefined templates
  • Increase First Call Resolution by attaching and receiving documents in real-time, reducing the need for an email follow-up.
  • Integration of chat transactions into your CRM
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Monitor Users Chats for Quality Assurance
  • Sentiment Analysis of Chats on both the Users and Customer’s side, allowing your company to measure and improve your Brand’s Net Promoter Score proactively
  • Ease-of-use and a cloud-based solution

What you cannot do with a standard WhatsApp web interface:

  • Controlled audit trails
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Create templates to standardise responses
  • Track outcomes or streamline processes
  • Track agent performance and compliance
  • Create Automated responses or client surveys
  • Build customer profiles for future utilisation
  • Build the customer journey
  • Utilise export capabilities to a CRM system
  • Link into Bots or automated processes

The solution to resolving these common problems lies within Azuka’s cloud-based Smartz Communication platform. Experience the power of WhatsApp for Business and the simplicity in introducing additional channels as and when required.


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